Béla Török – “Misty Lake”

January 11, 2011 § 1 Comment


It seems like I should be hearing a flute playing
With the wind carrying its song down past the fog and the distance

It seems like I should be shivering from the cold
Since my jacket was thoughtlessly tossed back on the mason wall

It seems like I should be upset with this serendipity—
This spontaneous wandering by this unknown lake

It seems like I should want to be somewhere else—
But somewhere else wouldn’t be half as good as this wonderland

How grand that things aren’t what “they seem” and unexpected detours
can still lead us to surprising beauty!

Copyright 2011 Gloria Jean Dewitt

Art By: Béla Török is an incredible Hungarian photographer. You can find his work at Red Bubble and his greeting cards are both affordable and spectacular!

Words By: Jean Dewitt (aka Glory Jean Dewitt) . My poetry is on Bonanza



August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes it only takes a “lakeside view” to help catch a breath…

Solitude is waiting for you with open arms,
You just need to find a place of serenity and take a retreat from life.

A place of seclusion, where you can regroup and replenish…
Letting waters of refreshment pour over you…washing away “life’s demands.”

Copyright 2010 Gloria Jean Dewitt

Art By: Ginette Brosseau, Find Her Work on Etsy

Words By: Gloria Jean Dewitt, Glory Jean (dot) Com

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