Welcome to Art By and Words By! (artbywordsby.wordpress.com) If you’re an artist or photographer that would like me to put some poetry to your works, GREAT, just pop me an email at bestsongs9@gmail.com .

In a nutshell, this blog is about me high-lighting talented artists or photographers, and writing poetry or prose to go with their work. Though I too am an artist, I’m an abstract artist versus representational. I love the element of surprise that abstract affords me. (You can see my work at http://jeandewitt.imagekind.com )

I am such an art lover, that I enjoy putting “word images” to go along with other images; and that is much easier to do with representational art than abstract.

Now for those that are curious about me, here’s a little info: aside from drawing and writing poetry, I also love to write songs, read biographies, learn French, (been studying for 7+ years), and bless people. I live for inspiring my daughter to create beauty from her life and in her life, and I like to focus on doing random acts of kindness. I am hoping that my art & writing can earn me “a giving” versus “a living.”

~ Glory Jean Dewitt (aka Jean Dewitt)

§ 2 Responses to About

  • A Adriaenssens says:

    Dear Jean,

    It saddened my heart not to see you at prayerrequest.com anymore. How are you doing and what happened?

    Glad to find your writings on the internet.

    God bless you,


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